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In 2010 a request was made to join a program at Huawei to do an implementation of a Business Support System (BSS) for an internationa, Dutch, mobile operator.

The BSS cobered a converged CRM, Billing, Provisioning and OSS environment that support the full life cycle of a MVNO.


The biggest strength of the solution is that it is multi everything:

- country

- language

- currency

- legislation

The first time we came along an implementation being non tailormade that can support an international operation.

During 2011 the support evoluated to running the program as a whole. overing multiple European countries. Program Management got a new dimension, since management/managing in this culture differs from the standard. Expectations are high, mandate is non existing, yet you have to mediate between the client and the company.

All skills are put to the limit, poltical, technical, commercial, you name we had to mix and fuse.

Meanwhile supoport was given to pre-sales activities (United Arab Emirates, Paris France, United Kingkom and USA).

On the the delivery process an evaluation was created where the most effective activities were documented to achieve a "Huawei Methodology". It can best be described as a best breed of agile techniques.

Another achievement was to optimize off shoring. Bringing resources from India and China to Europe is a challenge. Due to visa restrictions continuity of the projects are often jeopardized. By installing a core team, and video conferencing the specialists abroad can participate without moving around the globe.

The challenge was to streamline the approach it supports minimizing the customization on an "Out of the Box" delivery. The provided solution is high configurable, but is jeopardized when customized.

And yet there are capabilities to differntiate competition (even in one platform).


Your are off-shoring to China, or have the intention to do so? We offer an one day in house "cultural" awareness seminar. It is different from all other courses becasue it is base on real program management experience. Contact eric@s-o-b.biz for information.


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