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Rotaform is a print house that was one of the first certified companies printing Dutch bank transfer forms (acceptgiro). This activity triggered an evolution from static printing to direct mail with a high grade of personalization.  The product range covered statement, letters, lottery tickets, invoices with “acceptgiro”, up to response processing and direct debt handling.

The aim of the assignment was to create a flexible environment for processing data, printing personalized and unique forms, response processing. This all in a secured, ISO 9000 certified, environment.

The technology that had to be managed were high volume printers (impact printers and laser printers) and enveloping streets. The concept was quite unique and enabled to collate multiple personalized paperstream without error and at high volume. To give an impression, for Loyalty Managelent Netherlands (Airmiles) we processed 11 million personalized statements in 10 working days.

Staring the project printing 30000 statement was a multiple day project, with a lot of organizational stress. At the end these projects came in at 7 in the morning and were delivered at the postal distribution center at 4 in the afternoon. With limited people interfering with the process, 90% was automated.


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