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The Belgium incumbent

In February 2010 we started at the Belgium incumbent to support their transition to ALL IP next generation network. The effect of this evolution was that ATM, Frame Relay, SDH and TDM had to be ceased.

The project scope was to create a roadmap for wholesale All IP compliant products and services. This was documented in a from-to matrix for voice, leased lines and access. Part of the complexity was caused by the commercial en regulated origin of the products. Also a gap analysis in products and supporting systems was created.

The roadmap was the base of the discussions that has been initiated with the OLO (other licensed operators). This discussion was facilitated by the abandoning of one of the Local Exchanges (the first of 60).

Besides the discussion with the OLO also the BIPT (Belgian Regulator) had to be informed and updated on a regular base.

The deliverables were:

- make a plan for the abandoning of the first LEX

- make a standard for the following LEX-es

- make a plan for the migration of products using FR and ATM, mainly ADSL and SDSL

This was achieved in seven months and handed over. The total timing of the project was calculated to take four years.


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