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Projects are done in agile for quite some years, even before agile became a formal way of working we adapted due to the nature of the projects.

Direct Marketing is typica; a short cycled prototype driven approach.

In time period the Internet provider was managed it became moer DevOps. A lean team of BA's, system managers and developers worked close together in a 7x24 rota. The economy was highly competative, where time and useability were the weapons to beat competition.

Since then the methodology is more maturized, embracing SAFE and creating documentation around it. We are able to transform your organization into an agile system. Using a broad variation of SAAS tools to support the teams. Some are commercial, some are open source.

Using "the cloud" the approach supports distributed teams. Not an easy way, but we manage to make it happen and get the most from the team(s).


You are off-shoring to China, or have the intention to do so? We offer an one day in house "cultural" awareness seminar. It is different from all other courses becasue it is base on real program management experience. Contact eric@s-o-b.biz for information.


“entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity" (entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem)



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