Over the years we are confronted with a great variety of methodologies and techniques. The experience with these different approaches resulted in a preference for agile management of processes. In the basis SCRUM is used, but in a pragmatic way so it will fit into other formal methods (like Prince) too.

The most important characteristics of the approach is:

·          Work from total overview, know the environment.

·          Determine the boundaries and create independent workstreams.

·          Involve stakeholders at all levels, and disciplines. Operators and end users are important sources.

·          Have short cyclic development sessions.

·          Work use case based, use cases will deliver test cases, test cases will be used as design document.

·          A workstream, scrum, will deliver a functional module.

·          The scrum of scrums will have the oversight and handles conflicts.

·          Cycles are maximized to 6 to 8 weeks, tracks over 6 months do not exist.

·          And last but not least: keep it simple and less is always more.

Some other things which need attention are the process is not a deliverable, but a resource to establish the result. Documentation is key to evaluate and to validate the decisions taken.

Get it done in time

Scope creep is the most important delay reason. Stick to the backlog, don't accept any new descriptions.

Avoid unnecessary meetings, meetings are small, attendees contribute, this is a decend scrum, everyone gives the push.

Make deadlines a target, understand what is on the critical path, focus on this path.

Get in done in budget

Lean tems and time-boxing are important tools to keep the budget. Limit the project or program overhead.

Be clear on timelines and fucntionallity, make a team's target.

Keep the quality

The delivery must be fit for purpose. Not more and not less.

Ensure the end to end process is covered.

Keep your customers(s) in sight, there are normally more than one departments impacted bij the implementation or change.

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