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Shades of Blue is a network of professionals with each specialized in one or more areas of application development, architecture and management. A member brings at least 15 years of experience and a successful trackrecord.



Eric Nooter

Skills at interim and program management, IT architecture. Enabler of technology, facilitate organizational changes. Over 20 years of management experience in the IT and Business field. Industry area's telecommunication, media (printed, digital and broadcast).

Experienced in Business Development (solution scouting and M&A). Download a recent resume.


Gerrie Teunissen, Consultant at T-Media

Long time experience in process architecture, release and development management. Also specialized in domotica and digital video production. Over 15 years experience in telecommunications.

Gerrie is CTO at Connecting Worlds, a company that gives advice and executes connectivity in an independent way. Specialized in deployment of cost effective fiber connections for all companies using all available suppliers, to create your own corporate WAN.



Chris Toller, Consultant at SEE IT:Solutions

Over 20 years of experience as a program and project manager. Able to deal with complex projects. Understanding of the Telecommunications industry

Senior Consultant and partner at SeeIT:Solutions Limited, an independent company aimed at providing Project, Programme and Interim Management and Consultancy Services to the Telecommunications and IT Industries. Initial contract/project delivering Service Fulfillment and Inventory Management solutions for business services for major European operator.

Current assignment in the Middle East, after serving a year at the initiation of the London Olympics of 2012.


Gary Singleton, project and release management

Delivery oriented Project Manager with a total of 9 years in IT and over 5 years solid Project Management experience on small (€1M) to large (€300M) projects.

Wide exposure to core IT and Network architectures with over 6 years experience in the Telecommunications Industry, including Triple Play and ADSL2+ technologies.

Employs excellent planning, people management and communication skills in order to motivate, support and steer integrated technical and non-technical teams to perform.


Delivery of fixed price, fixed date projects in international project teams

Gary brings a long lasting experience in the Telecommunications industry.

Public profile at Linked In: Gary


Aron van Gelder, self employed Business Intelligence expert

Aron is well skilled in database development and application development using Oracle and MS-SQL don't have any secrets anymore. Focus of Aron is at Business Intelligence.

Besides the development skills Aron also show a lot of knowledge in operating large scale databases. From security and backup over replication to tuning. Always finding a new tweak to get the last bit of additional performance. This is not just perfectionism, it is essential when the implementation is in a collaborating environment with multiple data sources and updates.

Full resume in Dutch or English on request,

Public profile at Linked In: Aron



Graham Bolton, database design software quality, md of IFSQ

Graham is the managing director and principal consultant at the Institute for Software Quality , the institute promotes a method of software inspection based on a long lasting experience in development of software and databases. The method has been proven in many projects, saving projects from operational and maintenance hazards. Large integrators had to admit their failure in delivering the required quality and were forced to redo the it effort.




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